Trump to tout apprenticeships as way to fill jobs gap

Enlarging the pool is an idea that has bipartisan support.

There are "millions of good jobs that lead to great careers" that do not require four-year university degrees and those people avoid "the massive debt that often comes with those four-year degrees".

President Trump makes a statement Wednesday after a shooting at a congressional baseball practice. Currently, half of the country's 1 million apprenticeships are "registered" with the U.S. Department of Labor.

The order reduces the USA government's role in starting and monitoring apprenticeship programs, Politico reported. The order is created to streamline apprenticeship training to give more certification responsibility to businesses rather than relying on the Department of Labor.

While a broad range of experts and industry groups praised the administration's focus on apprenticeships, some anxious about opening up the federal process to outside players. Now there are 11,000 adults and 3,500 high school students in apprenticeship programs overseen by the state.

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President Donald J. Trump, center a podium, announces an executive order to expand apprenticeships in an effort to close the skills gap in America. Former Republican president George H.W. Bush proposed a youth apprenticeship program in 1992, writing that "the time has come to strengthen the connection between the academic subjects taught in our schools and the demands of the modern, high-technology workplace" (Congress voted against it). "We have regulations on top of regulations, and in history no one has never gotten rid of so many regulations as the Trump administration".

"There aren't enough people to fill the jobs and the people applying don't have the skills necessary", said Conor Smyth, spokesman for the Wisconsin Technical College System.

A senior Administration official noted during the briefing that the government is channeling billions of dollars into job training programs - in fiscal year 2017 spending on these programs totaled $16.7 billion before Pell grants - that he says have not effectively helped the American worker.

Imagine as part of working towards your college degree you were able to get a blend of classroom instructional time and practical work experience.

Bravo. As the Labor Department notes, "nine in 10 Americans who complete apprentice training land a job, and their average starting salary is $60,000 a year".

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But she added, "We want to be sure that high-quality standards and rigor continue".

"Apprenticeships are an important tool in the tool box, but they're not the only one", Ms. Flynn said.

Trump proposes keeping that funding but cutting other worker training programs. Amazon (AMZN), which now offers a "career-choice" training program, expects its level of participants to double by the year 2020, according to Dave Clarke, the company's SVP of Worldwide Operations. "Importantly, apprenticeships are paid (unlike the typical internship), making them attractive to older workers who can't go without an income and younger workers hoping to avoid borrowing for further education". Oversight of unregistered programs, critics say, could result in some sham offerings.

The executive order, which was developed along with the Labor Department, will allocate more funding and create a task force of business leaders to promote the programs across new business sectors.

Trump was in southeastern Wisconsin to join Walker in a tour of Waukesha County Technical College and talk about the importance of providing on-the-job training to workers in industries that sometimes struggle to find qualified people.

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