Pres. Trump on Recordings Hack Hoax with James Comey

"It wasn't stupid, I can tell you that" he replied, adding, "You never know what's out there but I didn't tape and I don't have any tapes".

Trump told Fox News Channel's "Fox and Friends" that special counsel Robert Mueller is "very, very good friends with Comey, which is very bothersome".

The head of the US House of Representatives' Russia investigation says he wants a formal response from Mr Trump to a request for records about conversations with Mr Comey.

Rather than calling the tactic intimidation, Spicer went on to say that the President tweeted "Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" in order to force the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director to tell the truth about their interactions.

Rosenstein has jurisdiction over Mueller's investigation because Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the first Republican senator to endorse Trump in the 2016 campaign, has recused himself from matters related to the campaign and Russian Federation.

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Attorney and Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said on "America's Newsroom" that Special Counsel Robert Mueller made a mistake with some of the hirings for his legal team in the Russian Federation investigation.

Before the tapes, there was Trump's unfounded claim that former President Barack Obama "wiretapped" him in Trump Tower during the campaign - setting off a flurry of official inquiries from Congress.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday she didn't think Trump regretted the initial tweet.

This is not the first time that Trump, the former star of reality TV and tabloids, has manufactured a melodrama that begins with bluster but often ends with a whimper.

Trump also reiterated the sentiment he expressed via tweet on Thursday - that he did not make tapes of his and Comey's interactions.

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Only 27 percent of Americans approve of Trump firing Comey, while 46 percent disapprove, the poll shows. If Comey was telling the truth, it's bad news for Trump. And more questions may soon emerge as to why, in his tweets denying he recorded Comey, did he raise the possibility anew that he might be under some sort of surveillance in the White House. "And then the fact that they said they don't have tapes, to me, as a lawyer, raises a huge red flag", Robenalt said. But I didn't tape, and I don't have any tape, and I didn't tape.

Comey told lawmakers in testimony this month that as he laid awake in his northern Virginia bed a week after he was summarily fired, he made a decision to act - in large part because of Trump's tweet. But Trump's offer to testify under oath was risky, as it could result in the president perjuring himself.

In that respect, President Trump is under investigation by the FBI, which seeks to determine whether he attempted to influence a federal criminal investigation for a corrupt goal. Those days came and went without an answer.

As reported by the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released on Friday, 45 percent of respondents were more likely to believe Comey's testimony on his firing on 9 May, while only 22 percent said they would believe Trump´s side of the story, .

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