John Oliver Has Absolutely Had It With Anti-Vaxxers

Sunday's show narrowed in on the anti-vaccine movement, pointing out that its rise among Somali communities has most likely led to 78 reported cases of measles in our state in 2017, outpacing the total number in the United States past year. I'm glad that Oliver decided to make this issue his feature as it hits home to so many people. Despite losing his medical license, Wakefield still gives talks about vaccines and autism - including to Minnesota's Somali community, in 2011 - and he's joined by a motley crew that spans the political spectrum.

John Oliver wasn't allowed to speak freely about being sued by Murray Energies magnate Robert Murray (something he predicted would happen during his segment on the coal industry last week) on Last Week Tonight yesterday.

Meerut see 15% rise in blood donors in 2016
In addition, nearly all countries achieved 100 per cent blood screening for infections that can be transmitted by transfusion. He said the donated blood could be used on any patient that is in critical need of it, especially accident victims.

Immunization rates plummeted, and [in April] the first cases of measles appeared. Wakefield's prominence stems from a 1998 study he authored that claimed to show a link between the vaccine and autism. After showing a clip of Trump on the campaign trail saying he wants "smaller doses" of vaccines for kids, and discussing the doctor who has popularized this stance, he added, "That sounds like a decent compromise because it's the middle-ground position, right?"

Measles, which remains endemic in many parts of the world, was eliminated in the United States at the start of this century. I know first hand the dangers of over vaccinating and leaving your child in the care of poor doctors. "Very few people will say they are completely anti-vaccine", he said.

Annual Field Day held for local amateur radio operators
Locals hams have worked following tornados, including the big one in 1985, and phone outages, said member Joe Vaccaro. They are storm watchers for the area, an extra pair of eyes and ears for the National Weather Service.

Oliver, himself the perpetually anxious dad of a prematurely-born son, knows that he's fighting against a whole lot of misinformation, outright quackery, and-most pernicious of all-the understandable terror of concerned, caring parents. He also took a more personal approach, explaining that despite his numerous fears (everything from spiders to "a sudden and mysterious lack of spiders"), he is vaccinating his infant son "fully on schedule". "And if I can resist the temptation to listen to the irrational shouting of my terrified lizard brain, then I believe that everyone can".

Shooting At GOP Baseball Practice Seems To Have Been Spontaneous, FBI Says
Scalise was the most seriously injured in the attack.The bullet pierced his pelvis, fracturing bones and injuring internal organs. Hodgkinson had a list of six members of Congress on him, Slater said, but there was no indication that he meant to target them.

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