Kobach and his 5313 fraudulent voters

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan takes the stage to thank supporters with her husband Tom daughter Meg and family friend Liz Murphy

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Casey has been covering the debate over New Hampshire's voting laws since just after the election, when a newly-elected President Trump first claimed that buses of out-of-state voters were responsible for his loss to Hillary Clinton here.

Kris Kobach, a Republican who is the secretary of state in the Midwestern state of Kansas, discussed the commission's work after meetings in Manchester, New Hampshire.

"Some of the removals of barriers to voting are not panaceas", said Andrew Smith, a political scientist at the University of New Hampshire.

Yesterday, at the commission's public event in the Granite State, members of the panel clashed with Kobach over his attempts at public deception, and heard from a witness who's "proposing that voters literally undergo the same background check as those who are purchasing firearms". "Period." So says J. Christian Adams of the Public Interest Legal Foundation. In the run-up to the meeting, Kobach wrote an article for the discredited Breitbart website that recycled President Trump's bogus claim about thousands of illegal votes being cast past year in New Hampshire.

In late June, the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity requested specific voter information from every state. And a report by New Hampshire Public Radio back in February found that most of the people who used out-of-state IDs to register past year were in fact out-of-state college students.

It's a state where the president claims thousands of people were bussed in from MA to vote illegally.

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He had two reasons for developing the voter fraud narrative, neither of which have anything to do with concern about the integrity of our elections. But because of New Hampshire's lax election laws, Clarke and these non-resident voters didn't technically break the law. Their ability to bring the most polarizing, misleading and often disputed claims about voting to the front of the national conversation remains incredibly powerful-even if they're shot down time and time again.

HANS VON SPAKOVSKY: Why do so many people not want the commission asking questions? Under the law, those who register to vote within 30 days of an election, including on Election Day, must provide proof of their New Hampshire "domicile".

The "voter fraud commission", as it's commonly called, is actually not charged with finding instances of voter fraud, according to the executive order that outlines its objective.

The reason why CNN may have zeroed in on "white men" in reporting on a voter fraud hearing is that many on the Left allege, as Perez does, that investigating voter fraud is done cynically with the goal of making it more hard for traditional Democratic voter demographics - such as African-Americans and young people - to vote.

Kobach, who also faces sanctions in Kansas for misleading a court on voting-rights issues in his home state, admitted Tuesday that it might not be "possible to condense a complicated issue in an 800-word" article.

"We take voter integrity very seriously here in New Hampshire, and we recognize that our "first-in-the-nation" primary status puts our process under greater scrutiny", says Jennifer Horn, former chairwoman of the New Hampshire GOP.

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These contentions were challenged by Jasper, who stressed the wide scope of voter fraud that is blatantly evident across New Hampshire.

"I do think that whatever happened in November either in Maine or New Hampshire, we've certified those elections and I think people should trust those elections", Dunlap added.

DUNLAP: It oversimplifies the model to say that there's a direct path to fraud through the driver's license.

John Lott, the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, also presented an idea of expanding the system that completes background checks for buying guns to voter registration, which drew skepticism from some members.

Among the technology are e-poll books, electronic devices that can read a person's identification and quickly allow the election official to determine whether the person is registered and which ballot the voter should have.

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