IPhone 8 battery swelling reports have caught Apple's attention

Justin Sullivan Getty Images

Justin Sullivan Getty Images

Though millions of phones manufactured will have some form of defect in them which is why Apple offers stellar after-sales service of its products, identical issues point out that either a specific component or manufacturing defect could be occurring where consumers are met with crippled phones. There have been no signs of fire or explosions on the iPhone 8 as reported on some media channels.

Via ThePaper.cn, Liu reportedly took delivery of an iPhone 8 Plus on Thursday only to find that its case was split as soon as he opened up the packaging. The user claimed to be charging the phone using only an official Apple power adapter and Lightning to USB cable. Though the cause is unconfirmed for now, it is believed that swelling of the battery is forcing the handset to split open. The most likely resolution is that Apple changes something silently on the supply chain side to stop new devices from being produced with this fault.

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Apple has a short statement on the matter: "We are aware and looking into it".

Another story about a flawed iPhone 8 Plus surfaced on Reddit. Anthony Wu, a user from Toronto, Canada, bought a new IPhone 8 Plus on Sunday, said it was out of box. "In the Galaxy Note case, there were probably a couple hundred battery failures of one sort or another, but there were only a handful of fires - so that gives you a sense of the proportion of actual fires".

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Apple unveiled its latest-gen iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (first impressions) at an event in last month. Investors are concerned that the pre-orders this time will be less than the previous iPhones.

However, it is largely believed that the core Apple fans are anxiously waiting for the iPhone X, which will be out next month. Apple's shares on Friday afternoon fell 0.2 percent. This leads us to believe that the phone may burst into flames like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 past year.

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