Facebook acquires anonymous teenage polling app 'tbh'

Tbh app

An example of tbh's polls. Tbh

The tbh app - "to be honest" - has been downloaded 5 million times since it went live in August and has reportedly generated more than a billion responses.

The tbh app is available only in 13 USA states at the moment, including Alaska and Hawaii.

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According to TechCrunch's sources, Facebook paid less than United States dollars 100 million for the company.

Facebook has snapped up an app that encourages teenagers to be nice to each just nine weeks after it was launched.

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Certain prewritten compliments like "Could win an Olympic gold medal for their eyeliner game" are present in the app as possible answers. The polls come in bundles of 15 questions, and users select the person they have in mind from four choices.

Once the users create their own quiz, the TBH team reviews it, and thereafter, gives a green or red signal. The giant is current testing out Workplace chat apps app for Mac and Windows systems as well and now this new special app which is an anonymous polling app making the teens go addicted to it with the single use. The social-networking company has tested and shuttered several game-like apps targeted to young people, after being rebuffed in a bid to purchase Snapchat years ago. Facebook's acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp were attempts to connect with younger users, who have been drawn to alternative social networks. But it will have more resources owing to Facebook. The acquisition also eliminates a nascent competitor.

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Lauding the takeover tbh wrote in a statement: "While the last decade of the Internet has been focused on open communication, the next milestone will be around meeting people's emotional needs...." They are building community and allowing people to share in ways that bring them closer together. This will bring more familiar environment for everyone so they can discuss things according to the requirements of its users and other employees of Facebook.

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