Facebook Now Has A Second News Feed Called 'Explore Feed'

В Facebook появится новая интересная функция

Facebook is about to get even more annoying with introduction of new Explore Feed

Much like Instagram's own Explore tab, the Explore Feed is created to bring you content exclusively from pages and people you either haven't seen before or haven't liked yet. The feature has always been made available to mobile, and it is now rolling out to Facebook's desktop website. Facebook has now rolled out this new feature to meet the needs of its users who want a hassle-free way to explore relevant content from pages they have not connected. When it comes to the Android and iOS app, the Explore Feed is listed under the "Explore" option and you just need to tap on the hamburger button at the bottom of the Facebook app.

Both are depressing places to have to scroll through, and while Facebook has done its best to flawless the algorithm that decides what ultimately appears on a news feed, users don't always see the content they'd like to see.

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How Do I Find The Explore Feed? The Explore Feed will have recommended Facebook posts from companies as well as media sites that you will not be able to see in your News Feed. This lets them discover content beyond the posts made by their friends and the Pages they follow. The content will be based on those topics that you have liked previously or the ones those are popular among your friends. First spotted by The Next Web's Matt Navarra, Facebook has now confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature is rolling out to desktop users. As of the moment, Explore Feed does not include advertising.

To access the Explore Feed on desktop, simply go to the "Explore" sidebar on the left-hand side and click "See More".

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Earlier this year, it was designated by a "rocket ship" icon, which may have confused users who didn't understand its goal, the TechCrunch report added.

This week, Facebook officially launched a new feed on desktop that presents people with posts from Pages they don't follow and posts that aren't likely to show up in their regular news feed. The longer people spend on site the more ads can be served and greater the chance users will share more content.

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Facebook's Explore Feed is now available on its desktop website.

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