Destiny 2's Trials of the Nine event postponed for two weeks

Clan Redeem Completes D2's First Prestige Raid in Just Over an Hour- Destiny 2

Destiny 2 servers will be down tomorrow for scheduled maintenance, Destiny 1 will no longer get updates

But players with the emote already could still use it. Destiny 2's Leviathan raid will be available a week later, starting on November 1, but at this time only normal difficulty will be available.

Players can play its full campaign and Crucible multiplayer mode on October 24 (PC release date). There are many people who enjoy the post-game grind, the raids, the Nightfall Strikes, The Iron Banner, Trials of the Nine and all the other stuff that's meant to keep players engaged long after the narrative's ended - but I'm not one of them.

Tillerson Signals Impatience With China on North Korea, Trade
China, he said, uses funding mechanisms with countries that "result in saddling them with enormous levels of debt". Tillerson has said China can do more to coerce North Korea into giving up its nuclear-weapons program.

Raid Keys, for those that might not be familiar or are waiting for PC, drop at the end of each minor raid encounter (Pools, Gardens, Gauntlet) and offer access to a random chest within the Underbelly of the Leviathan. This raid will start on November 1, but it will start only on normal difficulty for the time being. In order to be a guide, you'll need to meet the Power level requirements and turn in a Guided Games ticket.

And Bungie has a lot planned for the PC version of the game following its release. The developer said that, 'at this time the next instance of Trials of the Nine is forecasted to resume on November 3, 2017.

United States approves gene therapy for cancer from Israeli-founded company
The tumors in 72 percent of the test subjects shrunk and even disappeared completely in 51 percent of the subjects. The FDA cautions that the drug is not indicated to treat patients with primary central nervous system lymphoma.

Although majority are not issues that would affect more casual players, Destiny 2 has had a number of problems with glitches lately.

"We won't be giving you any hints on how to complete these challenges, but we will let you know when you fail with an in-game message". They will get these emblems for each challenge they have completed.

Spectacular Orionid meteor shower could be visible from Longford tonight
Friday night, the sky is expected to light up again in a cosmic fireworks show as the Earth passes through a field of meteoroids. There will be clear skies in SC and throughout the eastern US which will provide excellent viewing conditions.

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