Game Cube Controller Support Sneakily Added for Switch

Homemade Nintendo Switch runs on Raspberry Pi plays all your retro games

The Nintendo Switch Now Supports GameCube Controllers

There's been an unexpected, unmentioned addition to Nintendo Switch with its 4.0.0 update - GameCube controllers (when using the Wii U's USB adapters) now work with the system. Anyone who owns a GameCube controller will know that its buttons don't match up exactly to a Nintendo Switch controller. In the meantime, it seems that the hidden features in the Switch OS version 4.0 are more interesting than the flaunted features.

However, others are reporting (in reply to Master Mewking's tweet) that they're having problems getting up and running with their GameCube controllers. The rumors of the GameCube generation going downloadable have been persistent since the Wii U's release, but there's still nothing concrete at this time.

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You'll need a special adapter to use the controllers. Also, not all games work with the feature. Y is still the Y button, even if it's in the wrong place, and there's no home button or ZL shoulder button.

A pre-purchase option is available for certain games on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch.

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The update will also allow users to transfer their save data out. This means that, for instance, you'd have to play through Breath of the Wild without a shield. You're now playing with GameCube power. The GameCube controller has no Z button on the left-hand side, plus there is no Home button, making it hard to return to the Switch's main menu from a game, notes GameSpot.

It's been speculated that the Switch would be able to run GameCube games within its Virtual Console at some point, indicating that this could possibly hint at the expected arrival of the emulator in the near future.

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