Poor mental health approach costs the United Kingdom £99bn

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Lord Stevenson added: 'It's time for every employer to recognise their responsibilities and affect change, so that the United Kingdom becomes a world leader in workplace wellbeing for all staff and in supporting people with mental health problems to thrive at work'.

The report's authors rightly note that individuals with mental ill health and poor well-being, including those with a serious mental health problem, can - with the right support -still be thriving at work and contribute positively to an employer's business.

The exercise involved screenings, blood pressure test, mental health assessment surrounding anxiety, depression, alcoholism and a mental health talk. It found that 300,000 people in the United Kingdom lose their jobs every year due to poor mental health and estimated that 15% of the workforce has symptoms of an existing mental health condition. It suggested that the Health and Safety Executive revise its guidance to highlight employers' duty to assess and manage work-related mental ill-health.

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With up to 300,000 people with long-term mental health problems leaving their jobs each year, it's important for employers to pay attention. These cover mental health at work plans, mental health awareness for employees, line management responsibilities and routine monitoring of staff mental health and wellbeing.

The report is the first phase of a major thematic review requested by the Prime Minister in January 2017.

The report made a list of recommendations about how employers and the government can better support employees that are suffering.

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The Government has now announced both the Civil Service and the National Health Service - two of the largest United Kingdom employers - will abide by the report's recommendations.

"However, we must also look to what can be done to reduce the numbers in need of such help".

Theresa May, who commissioned the report said that it showed 'we need to take action.' She went on to say: "It is only by making this an everyday concern for everyone that we change the way we see mental illness so that striving to improve your mental health - whether at work or at home - is seen as just as positive as improving our physical wellbeing". However, we must also address those times when a child or young person feels let down or not listened to and make sure the same level of support is available to each and every one of them.

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The report reveals that the United Kingdom is facing a mental health challenge in the workplace that is much larger than had previously been thought.

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