November 2017's Games With Gold Has Nothing For Xbox One X Gamers

Xbox Live Games With Gold November 2017 Includes Trackmania Turbo Tales from the Borderlands & More

Xbox Live Games With Gold November 2017 Includes Trackmania Turbo Tales from the Borderlands & More

Then, from November 16 to December 15 on Xbox One members can grab Tales from the Borderlands. Microsoft revealed that Trackmania Turbo, Tales From The Borderlands, Nights into Dreams and Deadfall Adventures for Xbox Live subscribers.

Unfortunately, it only contains a 1TB hard drive, which is half of the maximum storage that was available in the Xbox One S. Microsoft won't confirm plans to release a model with more storage, but for now, you can use an external hard drive.

National Park Service Considers Fee Increases For Some Parks
Should the proposal go into effect, it will cost $70 to drive into Rocky Mountain National Park starting in June 2018. The closest national park to KING 5 is the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park near Pioneer Square.

Welcome to another month of Games with Gold!

The only drawback is that online multiplayer will no longer work, as numerous game servers have been closed down. It had some absolutely awesome characters, a story that truly does justice to the Borderlands name, and each episode has some good length to keep you busy for longer periods of time. The wacky vehicle racing game doesn't happen only on the road as you get to drive a rollercoaster like experience.

Alexa credited for strong sales performance by Amazon
Amazon had an eventful third quarter, including its purchase of Whole Foods and announcing it would open a second headquarters. Shares of Amazon .com ( NASDAQ: AMZN ) soared in Friday's trading session, boosted by a great third-quarter earnings report .

This month's Xbox 360 games are Deadfall Adventure, and the remastered version of Sega classic, Nights into Dreams. The Turing Test will also be available until November 16. While the One S is only capable of streaming 4K video, for instance, the One X can play the latest games in glorious Ultra HD resolution. It is interesting to see that some titles, like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, may only be part of the program for a limited time, but it makes sense when you consider that it is a Netflix-like service.

Lo and behold, the comment section blowing up with disgruntled gamers exhausted of being treated like the consumer whores that they believe Microsoft sees them as, ended up resulting in apologists stepping forward to exclaim that the swollen lips from sucking down the corporate phalanx of neglect and mistrust wasn't worth complaining about.

Wolf Administration Recognizes Prescription Drug Take-Back Day Saturday, Oct. 28
The East Hills site will accept all prescription and over-the counter drugs and substances, including "sharps" such as needles. The opioid drug crisis - now a "public health emergency" by order of the president - is testament to how hard this work is.

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