Jeep Wrangler is officially ready for off-road and on-road action


Jeep shows us the 2018 Wrangler at SEMA

Previous leaks pointed towards the Jeep Wrangler being debuted at the L.A. Auto Show on November 29th and those leaks turned out to be true. At SEMA they showed off 200 new parts that were developed to work with the new Wrangler totaling up to over 100,000 hours of development time. While Mopar is focused on the U.S. market, Gorlier noted that all of the performance parts would be available for Wrangler customers worldwide, as long as they meet local regulations.

Yesterday FCA offered up some scant official details on the 2018 Jeep Wrangler that Jeep fans have been salivating over for months.

The US manufacturer has yet to reveal any particular details about its latest generation of the iconic 4x4, stating merely that there will be "dozens of different door, top, and windscreen combinations", according to the company's official press release.

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Jeep calls the folding ability "convenient", which the current Wrangler's windshield fold-down process most certainly isn't.

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler will be available with two or four doors.

We still don't know much about engine and transmission offerings, although a diesel has been rumored as well as a turbocharged four-cylinder power plant. It also has a system created to stop trailer snaking. The larger of these has sat-nav, while both systems have climate controls integrated.

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The displays also show a variety of information for off-roading, ranging from axle status and steering angle to the car's altitude, longitude and latitude.

It's way too early for any local specifics, but Jeep Australia says it anticipates the new Wrangler to arrive here towards the end of 2018. There is also a separate display for pitch and roll angles.

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