Riverside school evacuated after man barricaded in classroom with hostage

Man with hostage barricades inside classroom at Castle View Elementary in Riverside

Parent Holding Teacher Hostage at Riverside Elementary School

There were no students in the classroom at the time, and eventually all the students in the school were moved to a nearby park as the SWAT team, a bomb squad and detectives were brought in.

It may have begun when a parent tried to take his or her child from the school and was refused, said a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation, who stressed that the information was preliminary and that police were still trying to piece together a possible motive.

A teacher has been taken hostage by a male parent who stormed into a classroom at an elementary school in Riverside, California, on Tuesday, police and local reports say.

There are reports that the suspect is 27 years old and possibly a parent and the hostage is 70 years old and possibly a teacher.

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The teacher was taken to a hospital for examination but had only minor injuries and was in good condition, Railsback said. Police did not immediately say whether he had a weapon but did say he had brought a backpack onto the campus.

Montgomery has taught at the school for decades, her daughter, Michelle Montgomery, told ABC 7. She added that her mother had been teaching for 20 years.

Carl Jackson, who identified himself as the suspect's uncle, says Kennon is not risky but had "relapsed again" and "had a breakdown".

Aerial video from the scene showed an armored vehicle and hostage negotiators at the school.

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"The situation has been resolved", said Riverside police officer Ryan Railsback.

"The decision was made for the safety of the victim to enter that room and rescue her, and unfortunately an officer involved shooting did occur but we were able to rescue the victim", Railsback said.

Riverside Unified School District PIO Justin Grayson confirmed to FOX 11 that all students are safe and have been evacuated from campus.

At 5:50 p.m., more than six hours after the standoff began, a police team entered the room using flash-bang devices and shot the suspect, police said.

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All students were either walked to Castle View Park or put on a bus and driven to the park.

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