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BlizzCon 2017: Overwatch to Get New Hero Moira, New BlizzardWorld Map Soon

BlizzCon 2017 is now in full swing at the Anaheim Convention Center, and Blizzard used the show's opening ceremonies to reveal a ton of new Overwatch goodness. In fact, they thought the ideas she had come up with were unethical and packed full of danger. Jeff Kaplan noted that fans want more healing characters; Moira features abilities that focus on healing her allies, but she also possesses the skills to deal serious damage when it counts. And her power is all in her hands: Her left hand heals allies, while the right hand does long-range damage. Her controversial DNA work has led to her damaged reputation in the scientific community and her current alliance with the shadowy Talon organization for research funding.

There is no word on when Moira will be added to the game. Her name is Moira and she is the latest support class hero for the popular FPS game.

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Much like Reaper, however, she also has her Fade ability, which allows her to teleport across a short distance.

In addition to Moira, a brand new Overwatch map was shown off as well. Her ultimate ability, Coalescence, lets her unleash a beam that will heal any allies caught in it, or deal damage to any foes caught inside of it.

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Keep on eye on App Trigger for more news and announcements relating to Overwatch coming from BlizzCon 2017! Maybe you'll think a little bit differently the next time you obliterate an enemy Reinhardt in that throne room of the Eichenwalde map.

In the seven-minute short, we get our first glimpse of a far-younger Reinhardt, one who isn't graying in the beard, hair, and uh, everywhere.

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