Woman Fired For Flipping Trump The Bird Isn't Even Sorry 'Bout It

Juli Briskman Facebook page

Facebook Juli Briskman

Despite no identifying features being visible in the photograph, Briskman thought it would be best to give her company a heads-up. But apparently the good ol' social media policy didn't apply to this guy.

The mother of two was quickly heralded as a hero by her fellow leftists on social media.

"Basically, you can not have "lewd" or "obscene" things on your social media".

As for her reason for all that anger towards President Trump, Briskman quite bluntly stated that his love of leisure has been filling her with a growing rage. She also said another employee had written a profane insult about someone on Facebook, but had been allowed to keep his job after deleting the post and being reprimanded.

Briskman was the woman on a bicycle, photographed in by a White House photographer who was traveling with the president as he left his golf course in Sterling, Virginia, the Huffington Post is reporting.

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Briskman made a decision to tell Akima's HR department what was happening when she went to work on Monday.

The company said the press from the photo would have hurt their business, especially since they do business with the government as a government contractor.

"How is that any less "obscene" than me flipping off the president?" she asked of the Facebook comment in question.

As part of her communications position with the firm, Briskman was in charge of managing Akima's social media accounts during her six-month stint there.

Three days later they told Briskman, a marketing officer, she had to go.

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As she was monitoring Facebook this summer, she found a public comment by a senior director at the company in an otherwise civil discussion by one of his employees about Black Lives Matter.

Bradley Shear, a prominent technology attorney, told The Washington Post that her honesty was her mistake because she self-identified to her employer, which was something it took into account before firing her. "You're golfing again?'" Briskman told WaPo.

Then, as the motorcade stopped, bisecting her usual route, she changed her route, and punctuated the final insult with another one-fingered salute. "I am horrified", she said. Her co-worker was rightly reproved for vulgar posts that might reflect poorly on the company.

Briskman isn't too upset, however, saying she hopes to find new work with an advocacy group she believes in, like Planned Parenthood. "I'm considering, he's at the damn green once more", she proceeded. "I am appalled. This was an opportunity for me to say something".

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