Burning of fossil fuels worldwide set to hit record high in 2017

The jammed streets of London at rush hour reveal a poor way of organising society

The jammed streets of London at"rush hour reveal a poor way of organising society

These are continuing to rise as a outcome of warming driven by ever higher greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere, in response to the profligate global consumption of fossil fuels.

Demonstrators dressed as Donald Trump and as a polar bear are seen during a demonstration in Bonn against the COP 23 UN Climate Change Conference hosted by Fiji but held in Bonn, Germany November 11, 2017.

The research was published simultaneously in the journals Environmental Research Letters, Nature Climate Change, and Earth System Science Data Discussions, with scientists from around the world contributing to the studies.

"If other countries were as ambitious as us, perhaps emissions would not have risen so much", he added.

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In a new report, researchers from the University of East Anglia and the Global Carbon Project (GCP) say CO2 emissions are projected to rise by 2% to reach 41 billion tonnes by the end of 2017.

"Global commitments made in Paris in 2015 to reduce emissions are still not being matched by actions", said CICERO's Glen Peters. "It is far too early to proclaim that we have turned a corner and started the journey towards zero emissions". This is mainly because of increased emissions from China, which is witnessing a spurt in industrial growth, a multinational team of researchers said on Monday.

Carbon dioxide emissions are rising-again.

The increase is largely down to growth in coal-fired electricity generation, and oil and gas consumption in China, the scientists claim. Still, the report estimates that USA carbon emissions will likely fall this year by 0.4 percent - despite the Trump administration's policies favoring fossil fuels over renewable energy.

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In India, emissions are projected to grow two per cent, with a range between 0.2 and 3.8 per cent this year, compared to six per cent annually averaged over the previous decade, due to significant government interventions in the economy (GDP up 6.7 per cent).

The United States' and European Union's emissions are projected to decline only by 0.4% and 0.2% respectively. Emissions in the remaining countries, representing about 40% of the global total, are expected to increase by 2.3%.

The 2017 carbon budget, now in its 12th year, says global carbon dioxide emissions from all human activities like fossil fuels, industry and change of land-use will reach around 41 billion tonnes carbon dioxide this year. It estimates that 37 billion tonnes of Carbon dioxide will be emitted from burning fossil fuels, the highest total so far. "This is very disappointing", said Corinne Le Quéré, director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the UK's University of East Anglia and who led the new research.

"The plateau of past year was not peak emissions after all", the Global Carbon Project - a group of 76 scientists in 15 countries - wrote of the findings.

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"Policy makers in Bonn are preparing for the Global Stocktake under the Paris Agreement, that will start in 2018 and occur every five years, and this puts huge pressure on the scientific community to develop methods and perform measurements that can truly verify changes in emissions within this five-yearly cycle", Prof Le Quere added.

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