Google fixes Pixel trade-in factory reset and misclassification problems

Some Pixel 2 XL touchscreens are unresponsive near the edges, but a fix is coming

You can add unresponsive screen edges to the list of Pixel 2 XL issues

As per a Pixel User Community post, some Pixel 2 XL owners have been noticing dead spots close to the bezels, specifically on the right-hand edge of the screen. Recently, a handful of Pixel 2 XL owners have taken to Google's product forums with a new issue - unresponsive touchscreen edges. However, it seems like the feature is just a bit too effective and nothing to do with the "squeeze" feature that invokes Google assistant.

He also thinks that the fault lies with Google's accidental touch protection software. A Google community manager responded to the concerns, writing that Google has been investigating and the issue will be addressed "in a future OTA update".

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While it doesn't sound like a particularly serious issue, it could prove annoying. The problem is confirmed to be related to the Pixel 2 XL software and not its hardware, which should make it much easier to fix compared to requesting a device replacement.

As we can see from the videos, the combined OIS and EIS does a pretty impressive job of stabilizing the video shot with Google's Pixel smartphones.

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Unfortunately, the Pixel 2 XL issues extend beyond its screen, as users have also complained about poor audio quality while recording videos, random crashing while using Android Auto, some units shipping with no operating system installed, and slow charging times. "There is a fairly large area in the bottom right corner that is unresponsive, and the taps aren't registered", a Pixel 2 XL user wrote while explaining the issue on the support forum. On my own personal Pixel 2 XL, the behavior is very similar, but with instances where taps do end up working as intended. Cautious customers might want to go for the smaller HTC-made Pixel 2 instead.

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