Audi recalls almost 600000 Q5 and A5 models over fire, airbag risks

Audi recalls almost 600000 Q5 and A5 models over fire, airbag risks The review applies to an aggregate of 342,867 Audi Q5s, A5s and A5 Cabriolets from model years 2013-17; Audi Allroads and Audi A4s from 2013-16; and Audi A6s from 2012-2015 are all furnished with 2-liter turbocharged FSI motors. This corrosion can weaken the canister and, during deployment of the side head airbag, the inflator may fracture and propel fragments into the passenger compartment. [Full Article...]

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Given In-Line Rating at RBC Capital Markets

Revenue rose 3.3 percent to $78.35 billion in the quarter, compared with the average estimate of $77.25 billion. That's up from $75.9 billion in revenue in the year-ago quarter with EPS of $3.28. Cedar Hill Associates LLC increased its stake in Apple by 1.2% in the second quarter. Yet, the last few quarterly earnings announcements have also raised questions, not the least of which is whether o... [Full Article...]

Nintendo profit rises, buoyed by weak yen

The game will be launched officially on March 3, but the pre-sales have already been started before Christmas. The company said in the past that it will ship 2 million units of the console at launch. But, one thing is certain that each retail store is getting a limited quota of the gaming console, as per Wired . "When Nintendo creates a gaming console, we're not just thinking about the next gen... [Full Article...]

President Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Regulations

President Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Regulations The president said, " This will be the biggest such act that our country has ever seen ". "In addition to the management of the direct expenditure of taxpayer dollars through the budgeting process, it is essential to manage the costs associated with the governmental imposition of private expenditures required to comply with Federal regulations", the order states. [Full Article...]

Flappy Bird Dev's Fun New Free Game Is Out Now

Flappy Bird Dev's Fun New Free Game Is Out Now So this game isn't less easy, it just allows you to go higher until you get the dose of actual difficulty. Nguyen continued to develop games under his company Gears Studio, but mostly remained out of the spotlight. Few could hardly blame the developer for wanting to avoid that going forward so fingers crossed that Ninja Spinki Challenges! isn't mired by the same or similar controversies now that... [Full Article...]

Hotel Pays Hackers After Guests Got Locked Out of Their Rooms

Hotel Pays Hackers After Guests Got Locked Out of Their Rooms Managing Director Christopher Brandstaetter, 'Since the locking system must work even in the event of power failure, the guests in the hotel nearly did not notice the incident. "The house was totally booked with 180 guests. We know that other colleagues have been attacked, who have done similarly". He also added that it was cheaper and faster for the hotel just to pay the ransom instead of explo... [Full Article...]

Fitbit cuts 6% of employees amid missed 2016 goals

Fitbit cuts 6% of employees amid missed 2016 goals The company, in November, forecast revenue for the key quarter below Wall Street estimates, partly due to production issues related to its new Flex 2 wristband. Along with realigning spending and investing, the company said it will also reduce its workforce. The stock is now moving above its 20-Day Simple Moving Average of -8.45% with the 50-Day Simple Moving Average of -8.45 percent. [Full Article...]

Starbucks unveils chatbot app for ordering

As with Alexa's Domino's Pizza skill , placing an order with Alexa voice commands is simple, but limited. Customers have the option of either speaking or typing their orders into the input field, and receiving instant confirmation and delivery times in the conversation window. [Full Article...]

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller sells out in 15 minutes on Amazon

The Nintendo Switch console will be available starting March 3, but gamers can pre-order the device as soon as today for $299.99. Playing games in this mode felt pretty natural, and strikingly similar to playing games on the Wii U's tablet. [Full Article...]

Habeas Petition Challenges Refugee Executive Order as Unconstitutional

Habeas Petition Challenges Refugee Executive Order as Unconstitutional News of the men's detention horrified Kirk W. Johnson , a former USAID worker in Iraq who founded The List Project , a non-profit which helps Iraqis get refugee status in the U.S. "These human beings were vetted, exhaustively, before they were granted valid visas which are now being shredded with the stroke of the president's pen", he said. [Full Article...]

Gas Prices Fall, But Expected to Go Up

That drop, he said, is primarily because of low demand for gas and "bulging inventories of gasoline". "Falling gas prices are normal for this time of year", said Josh Carrasco, a spokesman for AAA . DeHaan doesn't expect cheap gas to stick around much longer. Compared to previous year, however, USA drivers are paying about 46.7 cents more per gallon, roughly $9.33 cents more on a 20-gallon fill... [Full Article...]

Favorite car-sharing service rolls out luxurious new rides in Austin

Car2go, the German-owned carsharing company known for its ubiquitous two-door Smart cars, is adding Mercedes-Benz four-door vehicles to its Vancouver fleet of 1,000 cars. The upgrade "will enable hundreds of thousands of people outside our traditional customer base to experience" what the cars have to offer, said Dietmar Exler, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA and NAFTA, in a release. [Full Article...]

Mobile strikes again: it wants to give back your smartphone sales tax

After making the monthly bill more straightforward, T-Mobile is now aiming to do the same with phone pricing. That's actually more than the sales tax of your phone (in most cases anyway), and depending on what kind of smartphone you have, you could be getting more than $100! Obviously, the more expensive the phone, the better the deal so a flagship could get you some serious scratch compared... [Full Article...]

UK Parliament to launch 'fake news' inquiry; cites threat

The British government announced an investigation Monday of Internet distribution of "fake news" and social media companies' responsibility to control it. Is there any difference in the way people of different ages, social backgrounds and genders use and respond to fake news? Google has also stepped up a program of denying ad revenue to suspected fake news outlets , banning more than 200 sites. [Full Article...]

The old iPhone you bought could be stolen

The webpage titled "Check Activation Lock Status" made it possible for users to check if their device was still linked to an Apple account. Basically, it provided a safeguard against third parties who traffic in stolen devices. Activation Lock is automatically enabled when you turn on the Find My Phone option. Apple has been critical of Silicon Valley's addiction to harvesting and monetizing u... [Full Article...]

Snapchat Stock Listing to Be on the NYSE

While Snap's finances are not public, research firm eMarketer has estimated that Snapchat would generate almost $1 billion this year from advertising. The arrival of Snap's IPO could usher in a fresh wave of tech offerings following a slower 2016. Many of these companies are nearly unheard of by the general public and just starting to get noticed by Wall Street. [Full Article...]

Travelers With Valid Visas Turned Away at Airports After Trump Order

Travelers With Valid Visas Turned Away at Airports After Trump Order It comes as Google called on its employees who may be affected by the immigration order to return to the USA immediately fearing they may be banned from re-entering the country. The order also directed USA officials to review information as needed to fully vet foreigners asking to come to the US and draft a list of countries that don't provide that information. [Full Article...]

Microsoft Beats Q2 Targets On Cloud Computing Strength

Growth in cloud services and Windows 10 adoption, expansion into new artificial intelligence (AI) territory, and declining Surface revenue are just some of the highlights of Microsoft's second quarter earnings report . For Q3, Microsoft is hoping that LinkedIn's bigger presence will induce more engagement among users and the arrival of the Project Scorpio will generate more interest in th... [Full Article...]

New Tostitos bag that acts as 'breathalyzer' causing controversy

New Tostitos bag that acts as 'breathalyzer' causing controversy The limited-edition "Party Safe" Tostitos bag, designed by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, contains a sensor connected to a microcontroller that detects trace amounts of alcohol on a person's breath, turning the front of the bag red and showing an image of a steering wheel and the message, "Don't Drink and Drive". [Full Article...]

Tesla Suit Alleges Its Former Autopilot Director Stole Company Secrets

Tesla Suit Alleges Its Former Autopilot Director Stole Company Secrets Tesla goes on to claim that Anderson and Urmson started recruiting while Anderson was still employed at Tesla, and goes into granular detail about their activities leading to the complaint . It also says he altered the timestamps on files on his company-issued laptop and erased others, "all in an attempt to hide his misdeeds". "Anderson collaborated with Urmson on their 25 competing venture on ... [Full Article...]

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