Compounding pharmacy owner not guilty of murder after meningitis deaths

Compounding pharmacy owner not guilty of murder after meningitis deaths Barry Cadden was charged with murder, racketeering and fraud in relation to the 2012 nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people and sickened almost 700. 14,2012, to testify before the House Energy subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations hearing on the Fungal Meningitis Outbreak. While they had been asked to consider 25 deaths, and could not unanimously agree on a guilty verdi... [Full Article...]

Google's next Android version's feature released in the new leaks

Android O is aimed at becoming a great platform, which is why Google wanted to concentrate on giving developers enough time to test for compatibility, discover new features and send feedback. It must be spring, because Google on Tuesday rolled out the first Developer Preview for Android O , and it includes plenty of new features. Whether you're a developer or not you get a sneak peek at u... [Full Article...]

Man Accused of NYC Killing Came to City to Attack 'Blacks'

After the attack, the victim staggered almost two blocks to the Midtown South Precinct station house on W. 35th St., bleeding from his wounds. Police said Jackson traveled via a Bolt Bus from the Baltimore area to NYC Friday. Our victim happened to be going through trash on the sidewalk. "Get off of me!" at the killer right before he was repeatedly impaled by Jackson's knife. [Full Article...]

Twitter has axed over 630000 accounts for being too extreme

Twitter has axed over 630000 accounts for being too extreme While Twitter saw a 7 percent uptick in government information requests during the last six months of 2016, most of the accounts flagged for terrorism were caught by the company's spam-fighting tools. An additional 0.015% of requests about suspected accounts came from the government, Twitter said. The social network has strict rules against the promotion of violence on its service. [Full Article...]

Andromeda Origin Access trial start times

Andromeda Origin Access trial start times These trials are still available after the games in question are released. On Xbox One, the game clocks in at 42.19GB. You will be able to pick up exactly where you left off when the full game unlocks on Tuesday. In order for stats to be tracked, you must log in to Apex HQ using the same EA Account associated with your copy of Mass Effect: Andromeda . EA said that the trial would begin on March ... [Full Article...]

Cheerios' attempt to save bees backfired massively

Cheerios' attempt to save bees backfired massively In a stark reminder that the world's population of bees is plummeting, Cheerios pulled its mascot, Buzz the Bee off the box of Honey Nut Cheerios . The seeds, once planted, were meant to provide more nectar for the declining bee population . [Full Article...]

Speaker Paul Ryan Ad Uses Donald Trump to Sell Healthcare Bill

Speaker Paul Ryan Ad Uses Donald Trump to Sell Healthcare Bill And now the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says that while the federal deficit may diminish under Ryan's plan, 24 million fewer people would have health insurance 10 years from now. In contrast, those who would benefit from the tax rebates are the wealthy. They want to halt the continuance by the end of the fiscal year. "Counties that voted for you, middle class and working class coun... [Full Article...]

Google Makes JPEGs 35% Smaller

Google Makes JPEGs 35% Smaller Smaller file sizes means less data is being transferred around the Internet and websites will load faster. Guetzil - named for the Swiss German term for a cookie - is a JPEG encoder that can reportedly produce high quality images with file sizes that are 35 percent smaller than the norm. [Full Article...]

Star discovered in close black hole orbit

Star discovered in close black hole orbit But in 2015, observations by radio telescopes suggested that the X9 white dwarf was actually in orbit around a small black hole. James Miller-Jones from Curtin University and the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research said: "We think the star may have been losing gas to the black hole for tens of millions of years and by now has now lost the majority of its mass". [Full Article...]

Australia hauls in gas majors to boost local supply, cap prices

Since then, two LNG providers have agreed to redirect some of their output to the domestic market to help solve the problem, after Turnbull said they may lose their "social license" to operate if they refuse to contribute to the energy security efforts of the government. [Full Article...]

Amazon Syncs Alexa With Ecommerce App

You can download the latest version of the Amazon app for iPhone , iPad, and Apple Watch on the App Store. Alexa can detail weather information, tell you jokes, track Amazon orders, answer search-related questions, play music from Amazon Music, and even read Kindle books aloud. [Full Article...]

Twitter Accounts Hacked with Swastikas Through Third Party App 'Twitter Counter'

Twitter Accounts Hacked with Swastikas Through Third Party App 'Twitter Counter' The attack, which also targeted high-profile users like Amnesty International and the BBC, was made possible thanks to a third-party Twitter application . "Our teams worked at pace and took direct action", a Twitter spokesperson said in an emailed statement. No group or individual has claimed responsibility for the hacking on Twitter , which some users of the social media network claimed was li... [Full Article...]

DOJ Charges Russian Spies for Hacking 500 Million Yahoo Accounts

The indictments represent the first time the US government has criminally charged Russian officials for cyber offenses. Or officials, as it were. The defendants targeted the accounts of Russian and USA government officials, as well as Russian journalists, employers of other providers and employers of financial services. [Full Article...]

Headscarf Ban in Workplace Legal in Some Cases — EU Court

Headscarf Ban in Workplace Legal in Some Cases — EU Court In the Belgian case, Samira Achbita , a receptionist at a security firm, was sacked in June 2006 for wearing an Islamic headscarf , banned in a new set of internal rules by her company that prohibited visible signs of political, religious or philosophical beliefs. [Full Article...]

Senate Democratic Caucus: "Bathroom Bill" Creates a Hazard in Texas

Senate Democratic Caucus: Individuals who violate the measure will not face any criminal charges for using an opposite-sex bathroom. Violating the laws could result in fines up to $1,500 for the first offense and up to $10,500 thereafter. "If you're breaking the law, you lose those protections". The House also has a Republican majority, but its members are generally less enthusiastic about the measure, the Morning News ... [Full Article...]

FA investigating alleged racist chanting at Tottenham-Millwall

FA investigating alleged racist chanting at Tottenham-Millwall Janssen has started 13 of those encounters, scoring five goals for the club during that time and supplying three assists. "Of course I'm sad about Harry's injury but we have to find a solution". The chants seem to refer to a racist stereotype of Asians as traders selling bootleg copies of films door to door. Millwall manager Neil Harris said after the match he had not been aware of the cha... [Full Article...]

Reef's health in 'uncharted' territory

Reef's health in 'uncharted' territory Parts of the Great Barrier Reef are enduring sustained periods of heat stress worse than at the same time during last year's record-breaking coral bleaching event, raising fears the natural wonder may suffer another hammering. "QPWS rangers played a key role in hundreds of surveys during the bleaching event last year and it is likely they will be called upon again to monitor the severity and exten... [Full Article...]

Google goes after Slack with revamped Hangouts

Google goes after Slack with revamped Hangouts Speaking of meetings, Hangouts Chat will integrate with a big upgrade to the Hangouts video chat service, now dubbed " Hangouts Meet ". To this end, the company is giving Google Hangouts a complete overhaul to make it more like segment leader Slack - something Microsoft recently did with Microsoft Teams. [Full Article...]

Chandrayaan-I, "lost" since August 2009, spotted by NASA

Chandrayaan-I, Finding the LRO was cool enough, but the JPL pulled off something even more exciting: it found Chandrayaan-1, an Indian Space Research Organization probe that has been dead for well over 7 years, coasting silently in an endless loop around the moon. [Full Article...]

Congress to Trump: Your tweet deletes might be breaking the law

According to a letter signed by Republican Jason Chaffetz and Democrat Elijah Cummings, Trump could be violating the Presidential Records Act . The Presidential Records Act requires all official records - including Twitter messages - relating to the president and vice president to be preserved and archived so that they are accessible to the public. [Full Article...]

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