Afghan Civilian Casualties Rose 3 Percent In 2016

Afghan Civilian Casualties Rose 3 Percent In 2016 A total of 3,498 civilians were killed and 7,920 were wounded in conflicts there in 2016 - a combined increase of three percent over the previous year - United Nations investigators said. Casualties from airstrikes carried out by Afghan and global forces continued to rise. Pro-government forces were responsible for around a quarter of the casualties (24%). [Full Article...]

Police in Turkey arrest 500 suspected Islamic State thugs

The operation around the country saw 150 suspects rounded up in Sanliurfa in the southeast and 47 in the nearby city of Gaziantep close to the Syrian border which has a known jihadist presence, Dogan said. Turkey fights against Daesh is continuing in northern Syria. Turkish troops are also engaged in battles against ISIL fighters in the Syrian town of al-Bab, in the fiercest fighting yet of Anka... [Full Article...]

Trump Dismisses Concerns On 'Respect' For Putin: US Isn't 'So Innocent' Either

Trump Dismisses Concerns On 'Respect' For Putin: US Isn't 'So Innocent' Either The president added that he would rather get along with the Russian leader than otherwise and that he would appreciate any help from Moscow in the fight against Islamic State (Isis) in Syria and Iraq. And I really do resent that he would say something like that. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the November 8 election. Trump's received nearly three million fewer votes than... [Full Article...]

Mike Pence calls federal judge's order to block Trump suspension 'frustrating'

The White House will decide in "the months ahead" whether to remove sanctions against Russian Federation in exchange for coordinating efforts against ISIS in the Middle East, Vice President Mike Pence said Sunday. But just after midnight Sunday, the Justice Department filed an appeal to pause Robart's temporary halt, stating his decision "harms the public" and "second-guesses the President's nat... [Full Article...]

Australian foreign minister says U.S. refugee swap proceeding

Australian foreign minister says U.S. refugee swap proceeding Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was left scrambling to defend his country's allegiance to the US after The Washington Post published a report on Thursday detailing a tense exchange that allegedly took place during the Australian leader's first telephone call with Trump since he became president. [Full Article...]

Elon Musk To Stay On Trump Advisory Council, Voice Immigration Order Objections

On Thursday, the CEO of Uber online transportation network company Travis Kalanick dropped out of the business advisory council because of Trump's executive order on immigration. Stressing that being part of an advisory council did not mean that he agreed with actions by the Administration, Musk said he believes that engaging on critical issues at this time will serve the "greater good" . [Full Article...]

British photographer injured during Ukraine fighting

As the USA criticised Russian Federation at the UN, Republican Senator John McCain sent President Trump a letter to say that Russian Federation was testing him with the actions in eastern Ukraine. Security Council will likely give Kiev an opportunity to gauge whether it still has the council's backing - specifically from the so-called P3 permanent members of France, Britain and the United States -... [Full Article...]

Turkish warplanes kill 51 Islamic State militants in Syria - military statement

Turkish warplanes kill 51 Islamic State militants in Syria - military statement Also moving towards the hotly-disputed al-Bab were Syrian regime forces who, aided by Russian airstrikes, advanced against IS from southwest of the city. It has been seeking to advance in northern Syria since driving rebels out of the city of Aleppo in December. The United Nations is deeply concerned about the situation faced by civilians in and around Al Bab in Syria's Aleppo province, UN Spoke... [Full Article...]

Sasikala to be next Tamil Nadu Chief Minister

Jayalalithaa's demise on 5 December was seen as a personal loss for Sasikala who was a permanent resident of Jayalalithaa's house Veda Nilayam in Poes Garden, even choosing to stay away from her husband. A favourite of Jayalalithaa, 62-year-old retired Sheela Balakrishnan was recalled by the then Chief Minister after her superannuation. He also asked the Election Commission to appoint an indepen... [Full Article...]

Settlers in West Bank outpost resist eviction by Israeli police

Settlers in West Bank outpost resist eviction by Israeli police It also announced plans for 3,000 more settlement homes in the West Bank, the third such declaration in less than two weeks since Trump took office. Two years later, the coastal strip was overrun by the Islamic militant group Hamas. That would be a departure from Trump's recent talk on Israeli-Palestinian relations. [Full Article...]

Trump's conversation with Australian PM turned ugly

But an Australian official close to the deal said , "It's over". Turnbull, however, said the reports of Trump hanging up the phone were not correct and termed his talks with the latte as "very frank and forthright". refugee programme. The issue has dominated Australian news, sparking commentary over relations between the two countries with Trump in the presidency. [Full Article...]

Mexican Drug Lord 'El Chapo' in Brooklyn Federal Court Today

A judge initially ruled that Guzman would appear in court by video on Friday rather than have marshals escort him to and from a high-security Manhattan jail cell. His lawyers say he has been unable to make telephone calls or communicate directly with his family or lawyers in Mexico, locked in a cell 23 hours a day with only one hour of solitary exercise at the Manhattan jail. [Full Article...]

Kiev and Kremlin trade blame over surge in fighting in east Ukraine

Kiev and Kremlin trade blame over surge in fighting in east Ukraine At least 12 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and more than two dozen wounded in an outburst of fighting with Russian-backed rebels since the weekend that is playing out against a backdrop of still uncertain relations between Moscow and Washington. [Full Article...]

Marine Le Pen refuses to repay €300000 in 'misspent' European Union funds

The parliament demanded an initial repayment of nearly €300,000 (£257,000), but the far-right party leader was steadfast in her refusal to pay back the funds, rejecting the allegation of misuse. The parliament has also set a 3.5% interest rate on the pending repayment. The Brussels-based institution demanded that Le Pen, the leader of France's Front National, repay €300,000 ($321,000) by midnig... [Full Article...]

Geen Card holders exempted from travel ban

Geen Card holders exempted from travel ban President Donald Trump's administration stressed on Sunday that permanent residents get a reprieve from his ban on travelers from seven Muslim countries, after the order triggered confusion over its implementation. "I think we need to be careful", McConnell said. "And so it wasn't chaos", he said. "Most of those people were moved out". Demonstrators ranged from a few dozen people to thousands. [Full Article...]

Detroit Green Card-Holder Dies After Stopped in Trump Travel Ban

They'd been in Iraq visiting family but planned to return to the USA when Naimma fell ill. " They destroyed our family ", the mourning son told Fox 2 Detroit , criticizing the travel ban. Hager had to send his mother back to the local hospital, and he found out the next day that she had died. And he added that despite having lived in the United States for over 20 years and having American cit... [Full Article...]

Gunmen open fire on Quebec City mosque

Gunmen open fire on Quebec City mosque Francois Deschamps, an official with an advocacy group, Welcome to Refugees, said the suspect was known for his far-right views. The man, who has been identified as Alexandre Bissonnette, faces 11 charges: six counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder. [Full Article...]

Next Syrian talks round will be on February 20

Next Syrian talks round will be on February 20 A solid ceasefire would help talks in Geneva proceed, the United Nations envoy said. The Syria talks in Geneva had been scheduled for February 8, de Mistura told the closed council meeting that he sought the postponement in order to give the Syrian opposition more time to prepare for the talks and ensure that the peace talks are as inclusive as possible, diplomats said here. [Full Article...]

Hillary Clinton Memoir on 2016 Election Coming This Fall

It will be her third speech at the all-women's college in MA and will be one of her most visible appearances since losing the presidential election to Donald Trump in November. The A.P. also reports that Clinton will resume speaking engagements through the Harry Walker Agency. Simon & Schuster also announced plans to republish Clinton's best-selling book from 1996, It Takes a Village , ... [Full Article...]

Trump's trouble: Mexico border wall could cost $120 per USA household

The peso broke well past the 21 per dollar level last week and cleared some key technical levels, but analysts warned the currency could quickly retreat again if USA and Mexican talks took a negative turn. One of those conditions could be paying for the cost of the border wall proposed by Trump, who has insisted that Mexico will pay. "They're going to retaliate", he said about Mexico. [Full Article...]

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